Available Pot Size(in inch)

6” (Pot’s Diameter )

Available Plant Height(in ft)

 1.5  ft (from bottom to top)

Plant name Spathiphyllum in Pink (Pink Palm)/ Anthurium Scherzeranum
Type Indoor.
Plant description A miniature, with leaves about nine inches (23cm) long and flowers held a few inches above them. Spathe and spadix pink 
Cultivation: The plant prefers a temperature of between 20 to 28 °C. The plant kept as indoor flowering house plants prefer to be kept in a well lit location that’s just shy of full sun and not to hot. Check it for water every couple of days until you become familiar with your plants needs. The soil should be kept moist at all times. Feed it every two weeks while the plant is flowering with a balanced liquid fertilizer. If it is growing, but not flowering, feed monthly. If it isn’t growing feed every two or three months.