Available Pot Size(in inch)

6”, 9”, 12” (Pot’s Diameter )

Available Plant Height(in ft)

3  ft (from bottom to top)

Plant name  Spathipahyllum
Type Indoor
Plant description The petiole is slender, the flame is flat, the leathery has a waxy luster, orange-red or scarlet; the fleshy inflorescence is yellow, and it can bloom all the year round.
Cultivation:  The optimum growth temperature is 20-30 ° C, the maximum temperature should not exceed 35 ° C, and the lowest temperature is 14 ° C. Below 10 ° C, there is a possibility of freezing damage. The optimum relative humidity of the air is 70%-80%, and should not be lower than 50%, because maintaining the high air humidity in the cultivation environment is the key to the successful cultivation of the candle.