Available Pot Size(in inch)

6”, 9”, 12” (Pot’s Diameter )

Available Plant Height(in ft)

1–1.5  ft (from bottom to top)

Plant name Spathipahyllum
Type Indoor
Plant description Perennial herb. Plant height 30 cm -40 cm, no stems or stems short, with tubers or elongated rhizomes, sometimes thickened and woody stems. Leaves basal, leaves long elliptic-lanceolate, apically acuminate, veins distinct, petiole long, dark green, base sheathed, entire or sessate.
Cultivation: The blade is large, sensitive to humidity, afraid of glare exposure, 60-70% of summer shading, but it is not easy to flower when long-term illumination is insufficient. The soil is fertile and contains humus-rich loam.