What kinds of services Planter Pro Limited provide?

Plant Pro Limited mainly provides plant-rental, plant-purchase, plant-design and also plant-maintenance service including watering, pruning, fertilizing, cleaning, and pest control.

How long Planter Pro Limited has been in plant-rental business?

Over 30 years in Hong Kong, and the ex-named was Rent-A-Plant.

Where do your plants come from?

Our plants are mostly come from China and Hong Kong respectively.  However, all of our Christmas trees are come from U.S.A.

What kinds of plant-servicing maintenance you provide?

Our plant-servicing maintenance includes plant-watering, pruning, fertilizing, cleaning and pest control.

Can I order some other plant-species not displaying in your website?

Yes, we can source any kinds of plants for customers.  However, certain quantities/ bulk orders are required, we of course are not guarantee for successfully sourcing it at all.

Do you have another type of plant pots provided?

We have various models and qualities of pots provided as you can find them in our website as clicking “Pots” folder.

Is any minimum order quantity of your plant-rental? (Rent)

No minimum order for any plant-rental ordering, but free delivery will be only provided for a purchasing order of HK$5,500 or above.

Which areas you cover for your delivery service?

Free delivery covers Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories excepting the Outlying Islands and Chek Lap Kok areas.

Can I buy your plants for personal use?

Yes, you can, but we do not provide any plant maintenance services for personal use

Can I rent your plants for personal use?

No.  you cannot.  Plant-rental is only available for company renting, not for personal use.

Is any minimum order quantity of your plant-selling?(Buy)

No minimum order for any plant purchasing.  No free delivery will be provided if a purchasing order is less than HK$5,500.

Who can buy your plants?

Welcome to everyone (include commercial and non-commercial customers).

What types of your plants?

The majority of our plants are indoor-plants, but some are for indoor and outdoor.

Can your plants be placed outdoors?

It really depends on the plant-species, and some are available for placing either indoor or outdoor.

Do you have any plant information provided?

You can see our plant information in our website as clicking “Plants & Flowers” folder.

How do I making a purchasing order?

You can make an purchasing order by calling  at (852) 2657 3910
or you can send an order by ” Inquiry form” via our website.

Can I request your staff coming to my office for consulting me about plant-designing? How much will you charge for such consulting service?

Our professional sale team is available going to your office for giving you plant consultation.   Such service is free of charge at all.

How long it takes for receiving my ordering?

It takes around 7-14 working days after payment receiving.

Can I cancel my purchasing after paying?

Yes, you can as you need to cancel your purchasing order within 7 days after paying.   However, no full payment is returned, and  5% of the total value will be charged for the administrative cost at all.