Available Pot Size(in inch)

12”,16” (Pot’s Diameter )

Available Plant Height(in ft)

 4 – 5, 6  ft (from bottom to top)

Plant name Scheffler Arboricola
Type Indoor
Plant description Large leaves each made up of seven to thirteen large oval leaflets radiating from the end of a long stalk. .
Cultivation: Does best in full sunlight coming from the South/East/West.
The plant prefers a temperature of between 20 to 30°C.
A good general purpose potting soil (a soil that retains water yet drains well) will suffice. Check purchased soil to see that it is well aerated and add sand or perlite and peat moss if it seems to pack too tightly. Give the plants a chance to settle in before going back to whatever fertilization program has been successful for you. Drench the soil and let it become moderately dry between watering. Feed month spring through summer with a water soluble fertilizer.
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