Umbrella Tree

Umbrella Tree

Available Pot Size(in inch)

6”, 9”, 12” (Pot’s Diameter )

Available Plant Height(in ft)

3–5,5–6  ft (from bottom to top)

Plant name  Sansevier
Type Indoor
Plant description Leaves with small leaves 6 to 9, up to 11; petiole 15 to 30 cm long, sparsely stellate pubescent or glabrous; leaf blade papery to leathery, elliptic, oblong-ovate or obovate-ovate , thin elliptical lanceolate, 9 to 17 cm long, 3 to 5 cm wide.
Cultivation:  Umbrella trees are warm, humid, and semi-positive. It should be born in the soil of deep and fertile soil, slightly resistant to thinness. The growth temperature is 16 to 27 °C. From March to September, it is 21 to 27 ° C, and from September to March, it is 16 to 21 ° C. It can grow normally under high temperature conditions above 30 °C.
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