Potted with flower stand

Exquisite flower stand with a variety of potted plants, giving a pleasing enjoyment. Each pot has its unique landscaping and soothing mood.

Glass basin with mini plants

The small glass basin with cute mini plants, transparent and clear glass pots make people feel the growth of plant roots, helping us to cultivate them better.

Office green plant

 Potted plants are placed in the office area to make the office environment more satisfying. At the same time, green plants can absorb harmful gases and help human health.

Ficus pandurata

The Ficus pandurata leaves adapt to various intensity of light, but in the summer should avoid direct sunlight, if it is placed outside, it must be shaded, and winter should increase the light.

Spathiphyllum kochii

The Spathiphyllum kochii leaves are large, sensitive to humidity, afraid of glare exposure, 60-70% of summer shading, but not easy to flower when long-term illumination is insufficient.

Chrysalidocarpus lutescens

The Chrysalidocarpus lutescens is susceptible to cold damage, is not cold-resistant, and the air should always be kept moist, but it can also be slightly resistant to drought, and the soil should always keep the water moist and humid.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

TheZamioculcas zamiifolia is a half-day plant, so it needs to be placed in a semi-shade or shaded environment to avoid direct sunlight. The soil should always be kept moist and humid.

White threaded ceramic basin & Opportunity Knocks

Black cylindrical ceramic basin & Peaceful tree

Black threaded basin & Pachira macrocarpa

Barrel white porcelain basin & Ravenala madagascariensis

The importance of plants for human health

Physiology suggests that people can rest in the forest and flower clusters. They can be refreshed, relax, lower their heart rate, lower their blood pressure and body temperature, and their combined effects can prolong their life.

About us

PLANTER PRO LIMITED is one of leading indoor plant servicing companies in Hong Kong.  We not only give our customers the option of either leasing or buying the plants of their choices, and also provide professional customers’ designing, installing and maintaining indoor plants.

Over 30 year indoor plant servicing, PLANTER PRO has its own farm and green house in Hong Kong and Guangzhou respectively.  An extreme range of indoor plants are provided for customers’ selections, and we guarantee providing the best quality of our products and services to customer satisfaction.

Our client

The plant/flower and care services at we have always been guaranteed with quality, so that customers are satisfied. Lisheng Garden has been rooted in Hong Kong for more than 30 years and has served many well-known companies, providing them with a lot of good green plants for their office and home environment, making their lives better, including Apple, Daxin. Banks, Industrial and Commercial Bank, PUMA, Everbright Holdings and other well-known enterprises.

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